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Give your vehicle every chance of passing the NCT by booking a pre-NCT test with Michael Heary Motors Ltd. today.

Pre-NCT Checks

Michael Heary Motors Ltd. provides clients with a comprehensive pre-NCT car check. Our expert team subject a client’s vehicle to our stringent screening and diagnostic checks to reveal potential issues that may lead to an NCT fail.
We pay particular attention to areas that often lead to an NCT fail.

These areas include:

Suspension Issues

Issues with the car’s lights

Worn Tyres

Brake pad issues

Our mechanics quickly and effectively identify issues and can carry out same day repairs. With Michael Heary Motors Ltd., you can be assured that your vehicle has every chance of passing the NCT the first time; saving you time and money.


For additional information on our range of professional services, get in contact with Michael Heary Motors Ltd. today.

Common Reasons For NCT Failures

- Suspension Issues
Issues with a vehicle suspension are the most common reason for NCT failures. Our experts take special care to ensure that a client’s suspension is balanced and not overly worn.

- Car lights
Something as simple as a burnt out bulb can lead to an NCT failure.
Our team not only make sure that all external lights are in full working order but they also ensure that the vehicles’ headlights are properly aligned. 

- Tyre Condition
Worn or damaged tyres can lead to an instant NCT failure. Our team inspect the condition of each and every tyre. We check for cuts, uneven wear, and can implement same-day replacements if a particularly damaged tyre is identified

- Brake Pads
A vital component of car safety, worn, broken or ineffective brake pads pose a serious risk to the vehicle owner and other road users.
Our team carry out a comprehensive brake pad check to ensure the competency of a vehicle’s brakes.


For more information on our comprehensive pre-NCT check, get in contact with Michael Heary Motors Ltd. today.

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