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For the very best in light commercial vehicle repair and servicing, get in contact with Michael Heary Motors Ltd. today.

Light Commercial Vehicles

Michael Heary Motors Ltd. provides clients with a comprehensive range of professional light commercial vehicle repairs, services and in-depth maintenance procedures that ensure a commercial vehicle is operating at optimum efficiency.
Unscheduled downtime can have a serious effect on a business. As such it is important to subject a commercial vehicle to regular services and inspections to make sure small problems are identified and repaired before they become larger issues.
Using the very latest diagnostic equipment and techniques we can repair and service commercial vehicles, ensuring they are performing at optimum efficiency and limiting their time spent off the road.


For additional information on our professional range of services, get in contact with Michael Heary Motors Ltd. today.

Contractual Fleet Repair and Servicing

We provide companies with fleets of commercial vehicles a fast, reliable and high-quality fleet service and repair.

We are available for regular fleet servicing contracts, which can be customised to the day to day schedule of the client's business.

Our state-of-the-art garage is fully equipped to handle a large number of commercial vehicles, simultaneously.
Our expert team and our fully stocked and modern garage streamlines the process, whilst not comprising on the quality of the service.
We make sure a fleet of vehicles is fully serviced and back on the road as quickly as possible.
Our repair service identifies issues quickly and carries out immediate repairs to ensure the performance of a commercial vehicle is never compromised.


To discuss our fleet serving contractual arrangements, get in contact with Michael Heary Motors Ltd. today.

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